Australian Embassy


The Hon. Scott Morrison MP
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

26 December 2013

Lebanese illegal arrivals return to Beirut from Manus Island

Two Lebanese nationals who came to Australia illegally by boat arrived in Beirut on 24 December after opting to return home voluntarily from Manus Island.

Their voluntary return sends a strong message to those from Lebanon considering illegal travel by boat to Australia.

“Lebanese nationals who have arrived by boat understand they will not be settled in Australia,” Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison said.

“We will never allow people who come illegally by boat to settle here.”

Mr Morrison said the Australian Government’s message is crystal clear: you should not come because you will not be allowed to stay.

“Anyone who arrives by boat illegally will be sent to Papua New Guinea or Nauru,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison said smugglers would try to encourage people to get on boats, but they should not listen to their lies.

“People undertaking such journeys are wasting their time and their money,” Mr Morrison said.

“There is no Australian visa for those who come illegally by boat,” he added.

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