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Refugee and Humanitarian

Refugee & Special Humanitarian Visas

The Australian government provides humanitarian resettlement under the Refugee and Special Humanitarian Programme:

• The Refugee Programme is for persons who are outside their home country and have a well founded fear of persecution should they return to their home country (usually referred by UNHCR)

• The Global Special Humanitarian Programme is for persons with family or other links to Australia who have been subject to substantial discrimination, amounting to gross violation of human rights, in their home country.

There are no visa application charges for refugee and special humanitarian applications.

Applications under the Refugee Programme may be lodged in Beirut.

Applications under the Global Special Humanitarian Programme where you have a proposer in Australia must be lodged at DIBP’s Melbourne office.
See: Onshore lodgement

Visa Application Form 842 Application for an Offshore Humanitarian visa
See: Forms and Booklets

Proposer Form 681 Refugee and special humanitarian proposal
See: Forms and Booklets

For further information on Australia’s refugee and special humanitarian programme and visa processing requirements
See: Refugee & Humanitarian

Beirut average processing time: 12 months