Australian Embassy



Five officers from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) will be travelling to Australia over the next two months, to undertake various training courses under the Defence Cooperation Program between Australia and Lebanon, run through the Australian Embassy in Beirut.

Next week, on 8 April, Captain Antoine Farjallah participate in the Strategic Communications training course in Sydney, along with officers from a range of nations, including other officers from the region, as well as those from Asia and the Pacific.

Also in April, Lieutenant Colonel Nadim Abi Abdallah will follow, to undertake the Governance and Financial Management training course in Melbourne. In May, fellow LAF officers, Lieutenant Colonel Jad Hajj Sleiman and Major Mahmoud al Sabeh Aayoun, will undertake the Law of Peace Operations training course in Melbourne. Finally, in June, Captain Elie Kairouz will participate in the Rules of Engagement workshop in Sydney.

Prior to commencing their respective courses, each of the five LAF officers will complete a one-week familiarisation course at the Defence International Training Centre in Melbourne, during which time they will become familiar not only with Australian Defence Force training concepts and procedures, but also learn more about Australian culture, society, and environment.

The Australian Government will fully fund the participation of the LAF officers in each of the training courses.

Last year, Major Sleiman Lahoud and Captain Toni Al Kazzi were the first LAF officers to undertake joint training courses in Australia, the Civil-Military Interaction Workshop and the Law of Peace Operations respectively.

The Defence Cooperation Program between Australia and Lebanon was announced in January 2012, during the visit to Beirut by Australia’s non-resident Defence Attaché, Group Captain (Royal Australian Air Force) Warrick Paddon. The LAF Directorate of Training welcomed the offer of training courses in Australia for LAF officers and the new partnership it represented.