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Fraud and Scams

Fraud and Scams

The Australian Embassy Beirut is aware of several email scams or tricks targeting Lebanese nationals, and nationals from other countries.

Most recently, Syrian nationals that are registered with the UNHCR are being targeted in an “Australia Resettlement Programme” scam.

People or ‘scammers’ may make contact with you via your email address. They may already have some of your personal details, for example your name, date of birth or passport number. The scammers may try to get more private information from you and ask for photos to complete their processing. They may ask you for money to continue part of the processing such as Entry Clearance”.

Take the following steps to protect yourself against email and internet scams:

  • check the web address or email adress. Australian Government websites end in (for example,, or have in the address.
  • If you do have an application with us use our website to track the processing of your visa application
  • never enter private information online unless the website is secure and you know who you are dealing with
  • do not give money to people when you are unsure of who they are.

For more information please visit our website at the below link.