Australian Embassy

Certifying and translating documents

Certifying and translating documents 


  • All non-English documents must be translated into English and accompany the certified copy of the document.
    • In Australia contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters for a translator. 
    • Translators outside Australia do not need to be accredited, but they must endorse the translation with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated.
  • All foreign issued documents must be certified by the issuing authority
  • All documents that you provide in your online application via ImmiAccount must be scanned certified original documents (DO NOT scan copies of originals).
  • With the exception of police certificates, do not supply original documents with your application unless asked to do so.  If submitting a paper application - You should provide ‘certified copies’ of original documents that cannot be kept by the department.  If originals are requested these documents must be provided to our office with their copies. Our office will certify the copies and will return the originals.
  • Original police certificates must be included in your paper application at time of lodgement or if lodged online sent by post or courier to the Embassy see contact us 
  • Only send your document once.

Issuing authority certification of documents

In Lebanon, all official documents (Individual Census, Family Census, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Death Certificates) must be certified by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.  The original copy of these should be provided (multiple copies can be issued by the Ministry upon request and therefore they will not be returned to you).

Republic of Cyprus, birth certificates, passports, ID cards and marriage certificates must be certified by the Republic of Cyprus District Administration office.

The Republic of Cyprus District Administration office is the government office which issues birth certificates, death certificates, ID cards and passports.

Clients need to take with them to the District Administration office the following:

  1. Their own photocopies as the officers will not photocopy documents.
  2. Two (2) special stamps (called “hartosima” in Greek) in order to certify each document.

Certified copies

For paper applications, you should provide ‘certified copies’ of original documents where the original copy cannot be provided and retained by the department. ‘Certified copies’ are copies authorised, or stamped as being true copies of originals, by a person or agency recognised by the law of the country in which you currently reside (usually a Notary Public).  Online applications only need to be certified by the issuing authority.

In Lebanon, the only document that would need to be a ‘certified copy’ is land ownership documents

Certification for Citizenship by descent applications

In Lebanon, for Australian citizenship by descent applications, Lebanese official documents must be certified by the following three ministries; Justice, Interior and Foreign Affairs.