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Al Hadi Institute for the Deaf and Blind – DAP funded the purchase of visual assistance tools for children with impaired vision. The tools directly assist students’ learning abilities and enable them to become active members of society.

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped (LWAH) – LWAH provides comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services to the underprivileged. DAP funded the purchase of hearing aids to women and children with hearing impairments, helping them become more self-reliant.

Al Nasr Modern School – DAP funded the establishment of a computer laboratory and a school library in order to improve students’ learning abilities through reading and research. The facilities encourage children to continue their studies in order to attain a diploma or learn a profession. This helps graduates support their families and develop their region.

The Greenland of Ch’hour – The Green Ch'hour Committee, in cooperation with the Municipality of Ch'hour, has already planted 4000 trees near the Litani River as part of a plan to plant a total of 10,452 trees. DAP funds allowed for the plantation of another 2,300 trees. The project raises environmental awareness in the community by involving residents in planting activities and clean-up campaigns.

Bent Jbeil Technical School – Bent Jbeil Technical School is a public school that accommodates 1300 students distributed over 70 occupations and 23 technical specialisations. DAP funded the purchase of equipment for the school's electronics laboratory.

Association for Humanitarian and Social Services – The Association for Humanitarian and Social Services runs a medical clinic in Bebnin, Akkar, which provides basic health care services at minimal cost. DAP funded the purchase of an echocardiography machine for cardiac and obstetric examinations.

First Step Together Association (FISTA) – FISTA provides special education and early intervention programs to over 155 students with special needs, based on the Rudolf Steiner method of education. DAP funded the purchase of therapy tools and educational materials that are essential in the physical and mental development of children with special needs.

Community Based Rehabilitation Association (CBRA) – CBRA provides rehabilitation and social integration for disabled and vulnerable people and their families in Palestinian refugee camps in North Lebanon. DAP funded the purchase of physiotherapy equipment, as well as training workshops for children with communication, behaviour and learning disorders.

SOS Village – DAP funded the installation of solar hot water systems for SOS youth homes in Jeita, Jal El Dib and Abra. The project aims at using an environmentally friendly form of energy to heat water, which also enables cost savings. This is part of a move to make all SOS facilities environmentally friendly.

Qubbeh Clinic – International Medical Corps (IMC) transformed a donated space into a medical clinic and equipped it with basic supplies, including examination tables, dental equipment and a doppler heart detector. DAP funded the purchase of additional medical equipment to maximise the range and quality of health services provided to the community.