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Lebanese Evangelical Society – The Lebanese Evangelical Society provides accommodation, education, health care and life-long vocational training for street children in Kahale. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase bakery provisions and cooking equipment.

St Luke’s Centre for Mentally Disabled Children – St Luke’s Centre in Beit Mery provides education, psychological support and therapy to 45 students with moderate learning disabilities. Students are also provided with vocational training in handicrafts, painting and confectionary preparation. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of additional equipment for the chocolate factory.

Paradis D’Enfants – Paradis D'Enfants provides free-of-charge primary education to 1,700 underprivileged children attending school in Jounieh. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of new computers, furniture and books, to be used in the refurbishment of a computer room and a library.

American University of Beirut (AUB) – Australia’s DAP funded the creation of an outdoor germplasm bank (a botanical garden) at the AUB’s Agriculture Research and Education Centre (AREC) in the Beka’a Valley. The botanical garden will enhance student and farmer training programs and provide a resource for scientific research on endemic Lebanese plants.

Forum of the Handicapped (FOH) – FOH aims to assist with the integration into the community of people with disabilities – including by providing services to improve their quality of life. Australia’s DAP is currently funding the construction of a multi-purpose centre, which will provide vocational training, education and social programs for both people with disabilities and underprivileged children in the Al Mina area.

Bcharre Technical School – In order to complete an upgrade of the school’s heating system (funded by the Australian Embassy in the previous financial year), Australia’s DAP financed the purchase of a new gas reservoir. The new heating system will enable students to learn in a warm and comfortable environment.

Kouni Anti – Kouni Anti seeks to enhance the role of women in Lebanese society – including through vocational training at its manufacturing centre in Qobayat, which produces organic food and beverages on a small scale. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of additional kitchen equipment, which will increase output and grant local women greater financial independence.

Safadi Foundation – The Safadi Foundation’s Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture Sector provides technical services and expertise to farmers, and manages the Cooperative for Development and Agro-Food Processing in Akkar and Dinnieh. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of a new food-processing machine to increase the production of pomegranate molasses. The project will improve product quality and reduce the production time and cost.

Jeunesse Contre La Drogue (JCD) – JCD provides support and education to addicts and their families, through two rehabilitation centres that can accommodate 30 patients for a period of nine months. Australia’s DAP funded the establishment of a productive atelier (for food processing) at the Jouret El Termos centre. The atelier will help patients develop their skills, deliver a sense of self-worth and responsibility, and provide vocational skills to assist with their integration back into society.