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The Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy, and Applied Care (IDRAAC) provides mental health services for people affected by armed conflict, parental skills programs for parents of children with mental health issues, and conducts awareness campaigns on the rights of people with mental health issues. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of the technical equipment needed to conduct an effective mental health media campaign.

The Good Shepherd Sisters manage a refuge in Sehaile that provides care, accommodation and education to rejected or abandoned girls over the age of eleven, regardless of religion or ethnicity. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of new beds and mattresses.

Social, Humanitarian, Economic Intervention for Local Development (SHEILD) provides social and economic support to ex-inmates and their families. After SHEILD had provided vocational training, Australia’s DAP helped sixteen families purchase new tools and material to improve their businesses and increase income.

Life Skills Development Centre provides vocational training to people with mental disabilities, assisting them in the development of culinary skills which will help them find jobs and become self reliant. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of the kitchen equipment required for effective vocational training.

Technical School of Zgharta – Australia’s DAP, through the Al Midan Organisation, funded the purchase of computers and accessories for the Technical School of Zgharta’ s Language and IT Centre. This project will assist students in improving their foreign language and computer skills.

Al Nasr Modern School – Australia’s DAP financed the purchase playground equipment and educational material for the Al Nasr Modern School. This project will provide over 300 Lebanese and Syrian children with a large and safe play area in which to have fun and interact.

Mousawat runs a rehabilitation centre in Mar Elias Palestinian camp. The centre offers physiotherapy sessions, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to people with disabilities and chronic disease. It also provides orthopaedic services for the manufacture and adaption of prosthetic limbs and other corrective devices. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of the sophisticated therapy equipment required to improve rehabilitation techniques.

Institut Libanais de Developement Economique et Social (ILDES) operates a Health Care Centre in Hadath that offers curative and preventive health services, in addition to training, education and financial aid for the disadvantaged. DAP funded the purchase of medical equipment that will improve the health care services provided at the centre.

Father Roberts Institute for Young Deaf provides specialised education for deaf children, and administers academic and professional projects aimed at integrating deaf students into the broader community. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of solar panelling to provide clean and efficient energy to the Institute.