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Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is providing aid to Syrian refugees in response to the crisis in Syria. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase and distribution of back-to-school kits for over 500 refugee children from Syria. The school kit included a school bag, stationery and a winter jacket. The project provides an opportunity for refugee children to further their education in difficult circumstances.

Learning Centre for the Deaf provides education and support for hearing-impaired students. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of new educational material, classroom furniture and other equipment. The project provides life training and enhances the self-reliance of hearing-impaired students and their families.

Al Hadi Institution for the Deaf and Blind provides education and medical services for deaf, blind and mentally impaired children. Australia’s DAP funded the furnishing of a specialised laboratory for teaching mechanical and engineering skills through the use of robots. The project enhances the delivery of advanced technical education for these children.

Centre for Resources and Contact provides training and rehabilitation for women with disabilities, with a focus on social integration. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of the kitchen equipment required for the production of homemade products. The project improves the quality of life of participants and promotes greater self-reliance.

The Sisters of Notre Dame of Good Service run an orphanage and school that provides education for underprivileged children from the Baalbek and Hermel areas, and more recently, for refugee children from Syria. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase and installation of a hot water solar system for the orphanage, which will improve the quality of life for marginalised children.

Welfare Association provides development and humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Australia’s DAP financed the purchase of braille equipment and visual assistance tools for installation in the libraries of two Palestinian camps. The project offers Palestinians educational opportunities, promotes cultural development, and gives ready access to knowledge.

Unite Lebanese Youth Program provides education, empowerment and inclusion opportunities for underprivileged youth living in Lebanon. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of outdoor playground equipment. The project promotes understanding and mutual respect among a diverse range of Lebanese children.

Centre for the Impaired and Handicapped offers treatment and therapy to children with disabilities and chronic diseases. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of new therapy equipment. The project improves the quality of health treatment for sick and disabled children in Bcharre.

Safadi Foundation provides social and humanitarian development to disadvantaged people in northern Lebanon. Australia’s DAP Funded the rehabilitation and equipping of two playgrounds in Qobbe, Tripoli. The project encourages cooperation, understanding and mutual respect between children from the Bab El Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen neighbourhoods.

The Missionary Sisters of the Very Holy Sacrament run a school for poor and needy children from the Jbeil and Batroun areas. Australia’s DAP funded an upgrade of the computer laboratory, improving the quality of education at the school.