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Khiam Rehabilitation Centre gives medical social & psychological support to prisoners by organizing medical examination days and providing them with necessary medication.  Australia’s DAP funded the rehabilitation and equipping of a medical room at Baalbeck prison.  The project improved healthcare services provided to prisoners.

Social Advancement Association supports female-headed households, working children, and school drop-outs to ensure equal access to basic living standards, reduce hardship through capacity-building programs, education, social support and family planning guidance. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of an embroidery machine for the association’s tailoring atelier. This project improved the quality of products manufactured, and created new item lines and increased the sales and individual income.

Municipality of Bziza works on improving the economic growth of farmers and developing ecotourism in their village. Australia’s DAP funded the rehabilitation of the village’s water canal. The project provided farmers with irrigation water, and enabled the municipality to build a hiking track adjacent to the canal to encourage tourism to several archaeological sites in the village and its surroundings.

Islamic Medical Association runs Al Iman clinic to provide healthcare services to people from their village and the surrounding villages at very low cost. Australia’s DAP funded the refurbishment of the building elevator to provide access to elderly people and the disabled.  The project provided easy access to medical care for needy people from the Dinnieh caza.

Jeunesse Contre la Drogue runs a rehabilitation centre to support drug addicts. The Association established a " Food Production Atelier" for capacity building, social integration and income generation for the addicts. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of additional equipment for the atelier, which enabled the organisation to expand their market and increase their business. This project improved the livelihoods of the addicts and enhanced their integration in the society.

United Lebanese Youth Program provides education, empowerment and inclusion opportunities for underserved and underprivileged youth living in Lebanon. Australia’s DAP funded the upgrade of the FORSA program, which increased the number of participant in particular those from remote areas who would otherwise be unable to attend the workshops.

Union of Relief and Development Associations provides development, empowerment, and psycho-social support to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Australia’s DAP funded the rehabilitation of the shelter in Bar Elias which improved the quality of life of the refugees, in particular in the winter season.

Centre Saint Paul Medico-Social runs a dispensary in Sheikh Taba, Akkar, to provide basic healthcare services to underprivileged people at very low cost. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of physiotherapy equipment, which improved the quality of services provided by the centre.

Paradis d’Enfants manages three gratis primary schools in Jounieh to provide education to over 1200 poor and needy children. Australia’s DAP funded the refurbishment of six classrooms in order to meet need of an the increasing number of students. This project enabled disadvantaged children access to education and improving their quality of life.

Lebanese Rugby League Federation was established in Lebanon in 2002 with the vision and mission to position the sport as a key contributor to building a strong community and shaping its core values of youth, respect, ownership, culture, and leadership. Australia’s DAP contributed to the introduction of rugby in public schools in the conflict areas of Tripoli. This project assisted in conflict resolution, community integration and gender equality.

Al Younbouh is a rehabilitation centre for persons with mental disabilities and special needs. Al Younbouh works with the students, their families and the society to improve the quality of lives of persons with special needs and help them integrate in society. Australia’s DAP funded the furnishing and equipment of kitchen at their new premises. This project enabled the students learn culinary skills, become more independent and enhance their self-esteem.

PALWHO (Palestinian Women Humanitarian Organisation) provides support to children with disabilities, women and elderly the most disadvantaged people in Bourj El Barajneh camp. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of assistive tools and materials, including computers printers and a photocopier, and medical devices and mobility aids to improve the support provided to Syrian and Palestinian persons with disabilities, women and youths.

Good Shepherd Sisters runs a Community Health Care Centre in Roueisset, Mount Lebanon and offers quality health care and social services to poor, needy Lebanese and refugees of different nationalities. Australia’s DAP funded a tailored participatory health promotion program provided to their patients and their communities. 

Forum of the Handicapped works to preserve the rights of the disabled, to better integrate disabled people into the community, and to provide services that improve their quality of life.  Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of musical instruments for the organisation to establish an orchestra involving persons with disabilities. This project enhanced the social integration of persons with disabilities and improved their self-esteem and self-reliance.

Mosan Centre runs a special education and vocational training centre for people with special needs. Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of industrial kitchen equipment for their newly renovated dining hall. This project provided culinary training, social cohesion, and increase interpersonal skills and self-esteem for people with special needs.

Alfanar helps local NGOs develop revenue streams for themselves, thus breaking the cycle of donor dependence and ensuring that their activities thrive long after exit. Alfanar is working with the Women's Program Association to run a food truck project and start a catering service "Soufra". Australia’s DAP funded the purchase of culinary equipment for the food truck which improved the livelihoods of vulnerable women in Palestinian camps.