Australian Embassy

Passport fees

Passports and Notarial fees

Passport fees are provided in USD and AUD and are subject to currency fluctuation - the Australian Government reserves the right to change the fees as required.


The Australian Embassy is currently accepting payments in cash in USD only or by credit card and debit card. If you have an Australian bank or credit card, you can also pay in AUD.

For further information and forms about passports for Australian Citizens please visit the passports website at

Please note that an appointment is not necessary if you are collecting your new passport.


The Australian Passports (Application Fees) Determination 2015 provides for the annual CPI indexation of Australian travel documents on 1 January each year.


As of 1 January 2024:

Travel Documents USD      AUD
10 - Year validity passport (for adults 18 and above) $329* $501*
10 - Year validity passport (for 16 and 17yrs old) $277* $422*
5 - Year validity passport (for children under 16) $165* $251*
5 – Year validity passport (optional for persons 75 and over)  $217* $330*
Replacement passport $142 $217
Emergency passport $142 $217
Document of Identity   $60 $91
Certificate of Identity $142 $217


*The above fees are subject to an overseas surcharge under the Passports Act 2005 & Regulations (Currently USD102/AUD155 for
adults and USD50/AUD76 for minors)


Notarial Services



Certificate of No Impediment $112 $171
Certifying a copy of a document $56 $85
Witnessing a signature on a form or a declaration $56 $85
Preparation and issue of an Apostille or an Authentication certificate  $64 $98


PS. Payment by cash in USD or by Credit and Debit card